Huggy in the workshop

Here at, we are proud to launch our new technical series, led by none other than our own Huggy B. Bear. Huggy is a self-taught bike mechanic who spends his nights and weekends neglecting his girlfriend in favour of performing bike maintenance and repair in the kitchen/workshop. He is staunchly anti-bike shop and prefers to diagnose and fix issues himself. He boasts that he is saving money and doing a better job although as far as we at can tell, his DIY approach costs approximately 5 times more than the qualified bike mechanic approach and his bike often seems to be non-functional. However, what we will say for Huggy is that he always gets there in the end, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from his time, energy and mistakes.

Huggy’s first technical article in the series is centered around the Mavic Freehub and can be found in the dropdown menu under “the blotto workshop” heading or by clicking here. Please jump in and make comments, provide feedback and get a good discussion going.

If you think that the team could benefit from your expertise, feel free to get in touch and you might even get your own technical series.


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