“How to get BLOTTO”

We’ll be running the introductory “How to get BLOTTO” ride this FRIDAY. The idea is to familiarise yourself with group riding in a fun, safe and sensibly paced environment. Start time will be ½ hour later than the Mordi BBRB Thu ride, to allow for easing into the early morning routine and those coming from the ‘burbs.

What: “How to get Blotto” intro to group riding

Where: ghost servo on the corner of St Kilda Street & Ormond Esplanade in Elwood. Return to Black Rock.

When: 06:15 every Friday

Can I get a show of hands who’s keen? I can be reached on my mobile 0413948087 or if you happen to WhatsApp, let me know and I’ll add you to the group.


Below is an excerpt on “Rolling Turns” from the article written by CT.



Rolling Turns. This is when you smoothly rotate through riders taking turns at the front.  The rider on the front will not be there for more than a few seconds before the next rider smoothly rolls through and pulls off in front of the guy he just passed. Once the rider rolling through pulls in front of the lead rider, he is now the lead rider and should back off the pace slightly so that the next rider pulling through can come around.   This style of pacelining is done when group efficiency needs to be at its highest. These types of turns work best in small groups or in break away situations.   If the group is too large, you’ll find that the whole group won’t participate in rolling their turns and only 5-10 riders will be doing the work at the front.  This is why breakaways usually fall apart if they are too big.  Everyone will stop working if there are too many riders sitting on.  If it’s just a training ride, most riders don’t mind doing all the work at the front and having others get a free ride at the back.

Etiquette: As above, Don’t be the guy who pulls through too hard.  Unfortunately, there is always someone who does this, so the worst place to position yourself is in front of the strongest rider or that rider pulling through too hard (i.e. in front when pulling through, behind when drifting backwards).  Also, if you’re going to sit in and not work with the group, stay at the back.  Don’t roll through half way and then decide you don’t want to be at the front when your time comes. This will mess up the rhythm of the group.  Instead, stay at the back and when it’s your turn to come into the faster moving line, give a verbal indication (like “Yup!”, or “Go”) to the guy in front of you so that he knows that he needs to prepare to get on.


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