Inaugural Intro Ride a “grrreat syuccsyesss”!

Inaugural Intro Inaugural Intro 2

Well we certainly were treated this morning with great weather and an awesome turnout for Team Blotto’s first “intro to rolling” training ride.

10 punters had a casual ride to Black Rock with some gentle rolling turns, then the pace picking up ever so slightly on the way back to Port Melbourne & coffee. Everyone had a hand in making it a fun and safe environment, keeping the communication high to steer everyone in the right direction.

Funny story to highlight the benefits of Team kit: one of our crew had a puncture, & did not realise he forgot a spare tube until after the group had ridden away into the sunrise! So after a phone call and a pep talk, Danny B embarked on the long walk home, only to be met a few moments later by the sweeper Rob Ball (that hard man having done the long ride to Mordi). A man wearing BLOTTO is never left on the footpath for long!

Given today’s success and the enthusiasm of the crew, suggestion has been to make it more regular than 1/month. Let’s say every Friday, reducing the frequency maybe 1/fortnight as riders get up to speed and into the 0545 Thu BBRB. Moving into winter we may make it a 1/month, but always open for discussion! As always, follow @TeamBlotto on Twitter and make or your home page J

Happy riding!


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