Team Blotto Kit Launch – Seattle

By Dana

Yesterday, Ferra, Huggy and I made the most of the incredibly rare Seattle sunshine (which has since disappeared to be replaced by the usual rain) and debuted our new kits.  Being new to the sport, I normally ride in one of Huggy’s old jerseys or, more recently, three merino base layers, a fleece sweatshirt and a goretex jacket complemented by neoprene booties, fleece pants, woolen hat and thermal gloves. So, last night’s ride was particularly special as it was my first ride ever wearing a team kit and I was able to leave the layers at home and rock out in just my knicks and jersey.

The first thing I noticed was that I was noticed. Over the last couple of months I’ve been riding a fair bit around Seattle and I attract very little notice from other riders. Yesterday, I felt almost like a celebrity. Groups out on team rides smiled and waved at me, other riders gave way to me and riders coming from the opposite direction would look up, spot me and their heads would swivel as they tried to figure out what this glorious kit was all about. The effect was even more pronounced at the start of the ride when the three of us were together. The new Blotto kit is so different from anything out on the Seattle roads that it’s noticeable from a mile away. I was even cheered on by a couple of male cyclists as I passed them with “do it, lady!”.

Ferra and Huggy have a ride coming up this weekend and I cannot wait to see the kit leading the pack. Check back next week for the race report.

Huggy, Dana, Ferra

Huggy, Dana, Ferra




Team Blotto 2

Huggy and Ferra

Huggy and Ferra

The pistons

The pistons


One response to “Team Blotto Kit Launch – Seattle

  1. You guys look awesome!! Totally Rockin It.
    I particularly like a) Ferra’s hand gestures and b) Huggy’s pencil thin pins. Keep up the great work gang!

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