Eildon Junior Tour Teport

Benjamin Tam




Stage 1 – 6th

Stage 2 – 7th

Stage 3 – 6th

GC- 6th




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On the 12th and 13th of July I was given the opportunity of competing at the 2014 Eildon Junior and Women’s tour. The event is one if the tours in the junior aggregate road series, which means It’s very important. It was my first time that I had ever been to the a Eildon Tour, and only the 3rd race/tour of my cycling career. Until then, I had just been riding long days in the saddle with some mates. I had been nervous the whole week leading up to the race, as I had gotten new wheels and also had become part of this team.


On the night of the 11th, after celebrating my 14th birthday, we left to go to Eildon. After a restless 2 hours in the car, I had arrived and was ready to race the next day.


12th of July was here. Stage 1 was a 12km flat individual Time trial. I love (flat) time trials as they let me go as fast as I want and I have a very low chance of crashing as I’m by myself.   As my start time neared, I had butterflies in my stomach and I proceeded to rollout. My rollout was within limit thankfully, and the next thing I knew my bike was being held by a volunteer and I was about to start. As I started, I immediately noticed that there wasn’t much wind at all, on the way out at least. I continued keeping a steady cadence, as well as a steady speed, which I aimed to be around 33km/h. Soon enough I had reached the end, and I knew that I had gave it 110% and hoped I would have enough energy for stage 2!

Ben Tam 1

Strava file: http://www.strava.com/activities/165186111


Stage 2 was a stage that was relatively flat, with a stunning dam wall finish at the end. It started like any other race, but with an attack immediately out of the starting block. I caught on, and the breakaway succeeded for about 10 seconds and then we were caught (to no ones surprise). The race was relatively steady, with everyone taking turns at regular interviews. My legs had already been blown off by the time trial, and I had eaten a sausage roll before this stage (a big no no) so I knew it wouldn’t be a good result. As the dam(n) wall approached, I was in rather bad positioning stuck being some (slower) guys. An attack broke out just as we were approaching the climb, but I couldn’t catch them as I was stuck and didn’t want to cross the white centreline. On the climb, I could see myself edging myself closer to them, but I knew I wouldn’t catch them, and so I took it easy and settled for a 7th. Strava : http://www.strava.com/activities/165186110



Stage 3 was my favourite stage. A huge 8km was at the start, which was where I planned to attack. The race started normally, with everyone being sensible, but as soon as the climb started at a painful 13%, I ramped up the pace and was in the break with four other riders. About 6km into the climb, a guy broke away from our four man break but we decided not to chase him, as we thought we would catch him, but that was a mistake we would all end up regretting. He ended up winning the race by about seven minutes! We were in the breakaway until 30km in, where we were caught by 3 other riders, at this point in time, I knew my podium spot was out, and so it was. The rest of the race didn’t have anyone catching up to us anymore, instead we just rolled turns and at the end there was a sprint finish. I came 6th which meant that I out sprinted two people. That was a huge surprise to me as I’m NOT a sprinter. Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/165186113

Ben Tam 2

I’m the guy with red leg Warmers 😉


Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at the Eildon Junior Tour and know where to improve next time to get some podium spots hopefully. I’ve just started racing for about two months so I was relatively happy with my 6th overall for GC.


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