Bird Man

Bird Man leading the pack.

1.    Rider Name – Bird Man

2.    Biggest Win – 2013 Northern Combine Sunbury Trophy Race: bridged to break then broke the break. Race report here.

3.    Greatest Cycling Achievement – taking out the front half of inaugural SKCC Christmas Crit Carnivale like a deck of skittles

4.    2014 Season Goal – Promotion to B Grade

5.    Career Goal – Compete in another UCI WCT Final, finish in top 25% of category. 

6.    Favourite training ride – northern hills, St Andrews loop

7.    Favourite mountain – Mt Hotham. An emotional journey, and never the same.

8.    Favourite descent – Falls Creek. Long sweeping corners, good visibility.

9.    Palmares – too many to list here.

10.  Most memorable moment with Blotto – finding enough breath to put the word “peanut” to good use. This was under an Eastlink overpass during the Hanover Team Time Trial.


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