Koppenberg 121.      Rider Name – Paul Kelly 

2.     Biggest Win – Team Blotto win in Arthur’s seat challenge

3.     Greatest Cycling Achievement – Surviving Muro Di Sormano & the crazy parking granny at the top!

4.     2014 Season Goal – avoid injuries of 2013, Promote to C grade & 7 peaks passport

5.     Career Goal – haven’t thought that far ahead!

6.     Favourite training ride – Blotto Ghostie to Mordi smash fest

7.     Favourite mountain – tie between Col d’Izoard & Croix de Fer

8.     Favourite descent – backside of Il Ghisallo for sweet road and flowing corners & Wellington Rd just before eastlink for dead straight and dead smooth!

9.     Palmares – inversely proportional to Eddy Mercx’s

10.   Most memorable moment with Blotto – 5th place in Eastlink Team Time Trial


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