1. Rider Name: Daryl

2. Biggest Win: still working on it

3. Greatest Cycling Achievement: taking almost exactly twice the record time held by Marco Pantini to ascend Alpe d’Huez

4. 2014 Season Goal: podium in the 60-64 at the new Shepparton 70.3 triathlon (now sponsored by the Challenge family group)

5. Career Goal: another podium…

6. Favourite training ride: ‘Wildwood road’

7. Favourite mountain: a couple- Alpe d’Huez, Luz Ardiden for their hairpins and just being able to ride the mountain and not the route to the mountain. Ventoux and Cime de Bonette for their long tough route and stark surroundings.

8. Favourite descent: hate descending…so (Col de la) Croix de Fer back along the lake (Lac de Grand Maison) gentle sweeping curves (not hair pin corners!) with great views.

9. Palmares: gets better as I get into the older age groups: 2nd at Vic/Aust long course triathlon championships Falls Creek 2012, 2nd Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, long course 2014.

10. Most memorable moment with Blotto: the first 30 k of the last Hanover team time trial (then blown off the back and solo-ed home!)


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